What is Mercator Consulting LLC?

Mercator Consulting LLC is a service-based company committed to providing innovative, geospatial data & engineering solutions. As your business grows, the value of your spatial information assets grows with you. Whether it's creating a custom map, providing engineering support, or designing an enterprise-wide spatial information management system, Mercator Consulting LLC will provide a robust, cost-effective solution.

What are Spatial Information Assets?

Any object of value or event of significance that can be pin-pointed on a map or facilities plan can be referred to as Spatial Information Assets. Knowing where they are located and understanding the relationships they have with their surroundings are business-critical components of your decision-making process.

Which Industries Rely on Spatial Information?

All industries are affected by geography in one way or another. Whether you need to....

Spatial information and its effective management is a critical asset in delivering quality products and services to your clients.

Why Mercator Consulting LLC?

Mercator Consulting LLC was founded on nearly two decades of experience providing spatial information solutions to both the terrestrial and marine industries. Spatial information on its own can sometimes be difficult to navigate without direction. It needs to be processed, interpreted and made easily available to a wide range of end users.

Mercator Consulting LLC brings a fundamental understanding and an appreciation of the value of your spatial information assets as well as their downstream customers & applications. This is achieved through leveraging the power of technology and effective utilization of existing infrastructure. Mercator Consulting LLC is committed to helping you unleash the full potential of your spatial information assets and put it in the hands of those who need it most - you, your employees and your customers.